Each player playing in the L2 Saint Seiya server must know the rules:

LExploitation or use of any errors is not permitted, any observed error should immediately write to E-mail: developerhades@gmail.com

Impersonating an administrator, or your friend GM it is prohibited. Administrator has no friends in the game!

Third-party programs, including walkers, bots, skill bar car or any other program attached to Lineage 2, as L2PHX, hlapex, which gives an advantage are prohibited.

It is not responsible for the loss of any article or exp during the game under the circumstances and items will be refunded or replaced.

prohibited discrimination, racism or sexist comments.

Any accusations or player management should be based on pictures or videos.

All information is based on ownership of data management. Trades, sells or buys out of the server is prohibited.

By submitting any type of monetary unit L2SaintSeiya.com, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from L2SaintSeiya.com. This form of donation is completely voluntary, and to improve the L2SaintSeiya.com server. The rewards are given to those who have donated as a thank you for your continued support L2SaintSeiya server..

You can not make a donation if you are under 14 years.

The rules can be changed at any time without notice.


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